:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2006 , Volume 1 (Issue I-II)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 1, No. 5 (2006), 63-72

Noise pollution and map of Konya city in Turkey

Sukru DURSUN 1, Celalettin OZDEMİR, Hakan KARABORK, Saim KOCAK

1Selcuk University, Engineering & Architecture Faculty, 42031 Konya-TURKEY

Abstract: Noise generally is described as unwanted sound group. It affects the human health physically and psychologically. In the last century, population movement to the greater cities, disorder planned city development and increase of the motor vehicle in the traffic have been produced noise pollution and other environmental problems. In some cases, noise pollution can be more important than the other environmental problems. The most important factor which affects the noise pollution is the mistakes taken place during the application of the city plans due to different political and social factors. In this investigation, effect of the application of city plan (use of ideal usage on the road and building areas, and ratio between buildings and green areas) on noise pollution was studied. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) plays an important role in the noise mapping. Noise pollution map of Konya city in Turkey using GIS has been presented with the 366 sampling point selected on main roads in the city centre. A marked effect of increasing building levels on indoor noise pollution has been also found near the main roads.


Keywords: Noise pollution map, dBA, GIS, traffic, city plan, motor vehicle.