:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2006, Volume I (Issue III-IV)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 1, No. 2 (2006), 98-106

Phosphate removal by using activated red mud from Seydisehir Aluminium Factory in Turkey

Sukru DURSUN, Dunyamin GUCLU, Mehmet BAS

Selcuk University, Department of Environmental Engineering, 42031 Konya, Turkey

Accepted 20 December 2006

Abstract: : Phosphorus is one of the main elements for living and developing organisms. But this property increases the biological productivity in the water basin and causes eutrophication. Classical wastewater treatment processes are not effective enough in removal of the phosphate. For this reason, some chemical phosphate removal systems are developed with precipitation. In this study, adsorption method was used to remove the phosphate from the wastewater. Red-mud waste of the aluminium factories was used as an adsorbent after activation processes. The substance, produced by activating adsorbent, was used in different doses, at the different pH values etc. So, productivity of the red-mud in removal of the phosphate ion was investigated. In the experiments, the drinking water of Selcuk University in Turkey was used by adding phosphate synthetic samples. Removal productivity of phosphate was about 85% in the situation of suitable dose of red-mud and pH value. 
Keywords: Phosphate, eutrophication, adsorption, orthophosphate, red mud, aluminium factory.