:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2007, Volume II (Issue I-II)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 2, No. 2 (2007), 5-10

Activation of pine bark surface with NaOH for lead removal

Mehmet Emin ARGUN 1, Sukru DURSUN

1 Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Engineering & Architecture Faculty, Selcuk University, 42031 Konya, TURKEY

Abstract: In this study we activated pine barks (Pinus nigra) by using NaOH and this activated material used for the removal of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solutions. Chemical activation and its enhancement effect of adsorption capacity for treatment process have been investigated in this article. FT-IR analyses were examined for the determination of surface properties changes after activation. Maximum adsorption capacity was 49 mg/g at pH 8 and with a 180-min contact time (for 35 mg/L initial concentration and a 2.5 g/L solid-to-liquid ratio) These modification processes also decreased soluble organic compounds from pine barks leading to increase in chemical oxygen demand of water. Adsorption capacities of adsorbents increased quietly as a result of modification according increase of adsorbent surface activity.  
Keywords: Activation, lead, bark, removal, NaOH.