:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2007, Volume II (Issue I-II)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 2, No. 4 (2007), 20-25

Bio-decolourization of azo-dye under anaerobic batch conditions

Mustafa KARATAS1, Sukru DURSUN

1Selcuk University, Department of Environmental Engineering, 42031, Konya, Turkey

Abstract: Anaerobic treatment system was used for determination of colour removal under batch conditions. Azo-dye (Reactive Black 5, RB 5) with glucose as a carbon source was used as a synthetic wastewater. The decolourization process follows first order kinetics with respect to RB 5 azo-dye concentration in batch conditions. Decolourization rate constant (k1) value for dye concentration of 150 mgL-1 was 0.1751 h-1 in the batch experimental study performed with RB 5. Maximum Reactive Black 5 removal efficiency was obtained after 24 hour (99%) under batch experimental condition.  
Keywords: Batch condition, anaerobic decolourization, Azo dye, reactive black 5, kinetics.