:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2007, Volume II (Issue III-IV)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 2, No. 3 (2007), 51-56

The determination of some trace elements (Pb, Cd and Zn) in fine particles PM10 in Mitrovica urban atmosphere

Afrim Syla1, Agron Veliu1, Kadri Berisha2, Emin Karakashi2, Islam Fejza2

1MESP – Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Prishtina-Kosova
2Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy–Mitrovica, Kosova

Abstract: The city of Mitrovica, approximately 40 km north of Prishtina, was the site of one the largest lead smelters in Europe. The present environmental situation in Mitrovica, put as in front of the responsibility to act more rationally towards nature and to be more responsible towards the protection of the environment for future generations. The protection lack of the environment during the last ten years, as well as the conflict in Kosova is the origin of huge problems regarding present environmental situation in Mitrovica (Kosova). Mitrovica has its air divided in two kinds, speaking in quality terms: Air above rural and mountainous zones, which is clean. Air above the city centre urban and nearby different plants, which is more polluted. Urban air contains dust particles and gases, added on it is as results of normal activity of the city and industries in them. Mitrovica can be cited as one of the capitals of Europe with worst air pollution. Exposure to airborne particulates PM10 and PM2.5 containing low concentrations of heavy metals, such as Pb, Cd and Zn, may have serious health effects. However, little is known about the specification and particle size of these airborne metals. Fine and PM10 particles size with heavy metals in aerosol samples from the Mitrovica urban area were examined in detail to investigate metal concentrations and speciation. The crystal structures of the particles containing Pb, Cd and Zn were determined from their electron diffraction patterns by XRF methods.  
Keywords: Atmospheric particulates, heavy metals, PM10, PM2.5.