:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2007, Volume II (Issue III-IV)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 2, No. 4 (2007), 57-63

The Quantity and Quality of Wastewater in the Municipality Prizren-Kosova

Sylejman Berisha1, Kadri Berisha2, Selim Jusufi2, Islam Fejza2, Hajrullah Fejza3

1Brick construction enterprise “XELLA”-Lipjan
2University of Prishtina-Kosovo
3Municipality of Prishtina

Abstract: The purpose of this study is the identification of the current state of sewerage network in the Prizren Municipality and investigation of the quantity and quality of wastewaters prior to discharge in Lumbardhi River. This is done in order to enable location of various points for the installation of facilities which shall be used for wastewater treatment in this municipality (Kico & Kittelberger, 2002). The definition of wastewaters, their quality, and the percentage of citizens with access to sewerage network are some of the essential parameters for projecting the quantity of facilities and proposing the adequate methods and technology for the treatment of the wastewaters. In order to achieve at the definition of these determining parameters for analyses, three sample points have been chosen for sample taking in the municipality of Prizren: Zone 1. The area of the southern basin in the new pipe installed DN 1000/DN 1200 the main collector along the main road to Landovica, Zone 2. The Old Town in the left bank of the river and Zone 3. The centre of the city in the main network on the right bank of the river Lumbardhi. The results taken from these points are compared with European standards of parameters to determine the pollution level of the wastewaters prior their discharge to the river (Kico & Kittelberger, 2002).  
Keywords: Wastewater, wastewater treatment, treatment facilities.