:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2007 , Volume II (Issue III-IV)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 2, No. 5 (2007), 64-70

Determination of noise pollution knowledge in the sport centres of Konya city

Erkan KALIPCI1 , Fatma ARSLAN2

1Selcuk University, Education Faculty, Biology Education Department, Konya, TURKEY
2Gazi University, High Education, Physical Education and Sports Instruction, Ankara, TURKEY

Abstract: Aim of this study was determination of noise pollution in sports fields and investigation of people knowledge level on effects of noise pollution. Noise pollution measurements was made in the stadium of Konya city centre, which was taken from Konyaspor on 10.11.2007 and Election Competition of Regional Clubs Turkey Taekwondo Championship League indoor sports complex on 15-18.11.2007. Leq values in category of dBA and minimum and maximum values that are at normal ear level height (about 170 cm high) were measured. Besides, a questionnaire including 15 questions was prepared for determination of sportsmen referees and trainer knowledge level, in these sports fields about noise pollution which is one of the insidious environment pollutions. It was determined that the maximum Leq equivalent level of noise value was 114 dBA and the minimum one was 71.5 in outdoor sports areas. In indoor areas the maximum value was found as 109 dBA and the minimum one was found as 66.5 dBA. In the questionnaire, it was asked that "How many decibels the level of noise should be in the sports complex in accordance with instruction of "Evaluation and Control of Environmental Pollution"? 20.4% of the sportsmen, 28.7% of the referees, 40% of the trainers and 7.8% of the spectators answered the question truly. “According to 5237 numbered Turkish Criminal Code which one below is the punishment that is given to the one who cause noise to harm human's health clearly?” was asked to the participants. 38.3% of the sportsmen, 43% of the referees, 58.2% of the trainers and 25.6 % of the spectators answered this question truly. It was said by the participants that "In the first sequence the most disturbing noise pollution is sibilant and swearing demonstrations (52.9%) ". Secondly, the most disturbing thing is marches and slogans with drums and whistles (47.1%). 53.6 % of the participant said that "After the matches, my ears reverberate and hum". 31.1 % of them also said that "Noise causes loss of hearing harm in the hearing sense and organs". 15.3% of them said that "It causes emotional and behavioural stress by damaging nerve system (lack of sleep, decrease in memorial functions, difficulty in understanding, uneasiness)". Besides, 46.8% of them said that "noise pollution causes decrease in working performance and productiveness.", 53.2% of the participants said that "noise pollution has no effect on working performance and productiveness. As a result of the questionnaire, it has been seen also that trainers have more information about noise pollution than the others and a little part of the spectators knows causing pollution is a legal crime and some of them doesn't know how mach decibel the maximum level should be. 53.2 % of the questionnaire participants also said that "noise pollution has no effect on working performance and productiveness". These results show that, in our country, noise pollution hasn't been comprehended enough, yet.  
Keywords: Sports fields, noise pollution, Konya.