:: Journal of International Environmental Application & Science ::

Year 2007 , Volume II (Issue III-IV)

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science , Vol. 2, No. 6 (2007), 71-78

A survey study on environmental knowledge of education faculty students

Dündar YENER1, Erkan KALIPCI1

1Selcuk University, Education Faculty, Konya, TURKEY

Abstract: It is not enough to only use technology and laws for solving environment problems. In order to deal with environment problems and generate solutions, it is necessary that the individual be educated, sensitive and aware. For this reason, education institutions and the particular individuals who provide education in the future should make advances in environmental education. In accordance with this idea of the study, the aim is to determine to what degree science teacher candidates who complete their education, who will provide education to the new generation, are aware about the environment and what they know about this subject from primary school to the present. In order to achieve this goal, a questionnaire application for the science teacher candidates was created that has questions about environment problems. Secondly, the results are compared with some teacher candidates’ information level who attended different universities and different departments. According to these results, it has been determined that teacher candidates’ answers in general in social but not scientific fields who are raised as conscious and sensitive individuals about environment do not have good environmental pollution information. Moreover when comparing three student groups, it is seen that science teacher candidates’ information level about environment is more than biology and chemistry teacher candidates, and biology teacher candidates’ information level is more than chemistry teacher candidates. Because of this, environment education programs are to be looked over in their details and contents of lessons are arranged with environmental emphasis from primary school up to their whole life. New instruction strategies should be improved and environment educational curriculum is given in a practical and practiced form. In order to deal with environmental pollution at a national and international level, it is necessary that developed individuals who are conscious about their environment and environment problems and are conscious, have ability to think, and find solutions about environment protection be present. In order to realize this goal, it is necessary that environment education be provided to all students.  
Keywords: Environmental knowledge, Pollution, Education, Konya