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Ben-Mansour, M. A. Habib, H. I. Abualhamayel</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-1.pdf">Influence of Inlet Conditions and Burner Tripping on NO and Temperature Characteristics in a Tangentially Fired Furnace</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>1-21</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>2</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Flora Zabrgja, Mihone Kerolli , Asllan Vitaku, Afete Musliu</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-2.pdf">The Physic-chemical and Bacteriological Contamination of Water in Sitnica, Iber and Lushta rivers</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>22-27</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>3</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Jalal Gholamnejad*, H.R. Etebarian, N.A. Sahebani, A. Roustaee</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-3.pdf">Characterization of Biocontrol Activity of Two Yeast Strains from Iran against Blue Mould of Apple in Order to Reduce the Environmental Pollution</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>28-36</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>4</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Z. Shaqiri*, D. Angelov, E. Vidolova-Angelova, N. Shaqiri, S. Berisha, A.Veseli </font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-4.pdf">Measurement of the intersystem crossing yield of s4U within tRNA</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>37-41</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>5</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Ana Brito, Alice Newton, Paul Tett, Teresa F. Fernandes</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-5.pdf">Development of an Optimal Methodology for the Extraction of Microphytobenthic Chlorophyll</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>42-54</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>6</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Spase Shumka*, Iain Wilson, Spiro Grazhdani</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-6.pdf">How to Plan a Sustainable Fishery When Environmental Goals Conflict with Existing Practices in a Trans-Boundary Protected Area</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>55-64</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>7</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>B. Ramesh Babu, A.K. Parande, R. Rajalakshmi, P. Suriyakala, M. Volga</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-7.pdf">Management of Biomedical Waste in India and Other Countries: A Review</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>65-78</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>8</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Muhammed Cneyt Badatl1, Bilal Acar </font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-8.pdf">Evaluation of Trickle Irrigation Systems for Some Vegetable Crops in Konya-Turkey</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>79-85</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>9</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>H.M. Yilmaz, M. Yakar*, F. Yildiz, H.Karabork, M.M. Kavurmaci, O. Mutluoglu, A. Goktepe </font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-9.pdf">Monitoring of Corrosion in Fairy Chimney by Terrestrial Laser Scanning</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>86-91</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>10</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Tayfun Cay*, Saban Inam, Fatih Iscan, Hasan Cagla </font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-10.pdf">Inventory Studies for Tourism Information System of Obruk Lake in Konya/Turkey</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>92-98</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>11</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Sandeep Tiwari, Vimal K. Gupta, P.C. Pandey, H. Singh, P.K. Mishra </font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-11.pdf">Adsorption Chemistry of Oil-in-Water Emulsion from Spent Oil Based Cutting Fluids Using Sawdust of Mangifera indica</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>99-107</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>12</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Hamdi Visoka, Ramadan Uka, Mihone Kerolli*, Flora Zabrgja, Asllan Vitaku</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-12.pdf">Monitoring Surface and Ground Water of the Industrial Park  Trepa in Mitrovic</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>108-111</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>13</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Hysen Ahmeti, Lulzim Qitaku, Midin Bojaxhiu </font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-13.pdf">The Influence of Superficial Waters in the Mine of Sibovc and Protection Measures for Removing Them</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>112-118</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>14</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Hysen Mankolli,* Mirela Cekani, Uran Abazi, Albert Kopali</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-14.pdf">Bioclimatic Classifications in the Ecosystem of Dajt-Tirana, Albania</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>119-124</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>15</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Funda nal Ankaya, Bahriye Glgn</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol091-1/abs09-v4-i1-15.pdf">A study on the determination of the correlation between the natural vegetative cover distribution and soil characteristics of the sources (Buca/Izmir) area using GIS and remote sensing techniques</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>125-135</nobr></font> </td> </tr> </table> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </body> </html>