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Bardhosh, S. Lush, K. Edlira, S. Arjan</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-1.pdf">Utilization of Green Mulches in Intensive Apple Orchards</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>001-007</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>2</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>J.I.N. Kumar, P.R. Sajish, R.N Kumar, B. George, S. Viyol </font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-2.pdf">Bioaccumulation of Lead, Zinc and Cadmium in Avicennia marina Mangrove Ecosystem near Narmada Estuary in Vamleshwar, West Coast of Gujarat, India</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>008-013</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>3</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>J.S. Kumar, K.V. Subbaiah, P.V.V.P. Rao</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-3.pdf">Waste to Energy: A Case Study of Eluru, A.P, India</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>014-022</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>4</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>Ishrath Aish, B.L.P. Babu, Machender, K. Sreenu</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-4.pdf">Focus on Fluoride and Fluorosis by Studying the Ground Water Quality in some Villages of Nalgonda, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh </a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>023-029</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>5</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>J.T. Ayodele, S.A. Kiyawa</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-5.pdf">Haemanthus and Mitracarpus scaber as Bioaccumulators of Heavy Metals</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>030-034</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>6</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>G.B. Kale, N.B. Kutemate</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-6.pdf">Disaster: Management Tools and Guidelines for Effective Recovery</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>035-056</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>7</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>E. Kei, A. Paparisto, E. Hamzaraj, O. Laknori, B. Pepa, A. Fjerza</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-7.pdf">Biological Assessment of Water Quality in the National Park of Prespa Lake Using Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>057-064</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>8</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>L. Pula-Beqiri, M. Aliu</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-8.pdf">Research of Adsorptive Characteristics of Natural and Activated Bentonites of Kosovo against Adsorption of Blue-Methylene</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>065-071</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>9</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>P. Nao, F. Vinani</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-9.pdf">Opportunities for Hydrocarbon Exploration beneath Large-Scale Thrusts in the Geological Structures of Albania</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>072-082</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>10</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>S. Mustafa</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-10.pdf">Geotechnical Characteristics of the Ulpiana Location</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>083-089</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>11</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>S. Krivokapi, }. Stankovi</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-11.pdf">Seasonal Variation of Heavy Metals on Phytoplankton in the Inner Part of Boka Kotorska Bay (Eastern Adriatic Sea)</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>090-095</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>12</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>N. Hasi</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-12.pdf">Geological and Engineering-Geological Characteristics of Ulpijana Settlement-Pristine </a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>096-098</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>13</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>S. Gharaibeh, J.A. Radaideh, S. Ajlouni</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-13.pdf">Low Cost Treatment of Pesticide Wastewater</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>099-105</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>14</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>S.Y. Qusti, N.M. Elsawi, A.N. Abo-Khatwa, W.A. Aldajani, F.A. Khorshid</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-14.pdf">Assessment of Roridin a Mycotoxin on Serum Protein and Genotoxicity of Male Mice Liver</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>106-115</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>15</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>F. Faiku, N. Troni, A. Haziri, F. Gashi, A. Fetahu</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-15.pdf">Chemical Analysis of the Vrbnica Lake s Water (Kosova)</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>116-124</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>16</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>M.S. Sayed</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-16.pdf">Removal of Phenol and Radiocesium from Aqueous Solution Using Clay and Organoclay</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>125-135</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>17</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>M.N. Al-Seeni</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-17.pdf">Goji Extract as Antibacterial Agent and Antioxidant on Roridin E Induced Hepatotoxicity in Male Rat</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>136-140</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>18</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>B. Bizhga, F. Selami</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-18.pdf">Evaluation of Anti Helminthic Therapy Comparative effects of Triclabendasol and Nitroxynil in Reduction of Trematod Eggs on Sheep</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>141-144</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>19</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>S. Fejzo, B. Bejo</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-19.pdf">The Evaluation of Manganese at Rainbow trout in Albania</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>145-148</nobr></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="4"> <font size="1"><center>20</font> </td> <td width="200"> <font size="1"><center>N. Kumar J.I., M. Das, R. Mukherji, R.N. Kumar</font> </td> <td width="600"> <a class="iframe" title="" href="vol111-1/abs11-v6-i1-20.pdf">Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Macrophytes, Water and Sediment of a Tropical Wetland System Using Hierarchical Cluster Analysis Technique</a> </td> <td width="1"> <font size="1"><center><nobr>149-156</nobr></font> </td> </tr> </table> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </body> </html>